Clip-On Laser Rangefinding Device

The COLD-IPC is a very compact and lightweight Laser Rangefinder with pointing and Illuminating capability. Two elevation sensors provide inclination measurement and / or horizontal distance for angle shots independent of the COLD-IPC orientation position on, for example, a quad rail.

Features:                                                                   Dimensions:                  

+ High performance range finder                             + Length < 120mm

+ Invisible pointer                                                     + Width < 84mm

+ Visible pointer                                                       + Overall height < 42mm

+ Invisible illuminator                                               + Weight 330g incl. battery

+ Inclination sensor

+ Bluetooth sensor

To find out more about COLD IPC, please visit our microsite: https://coldipc.vectronix.ch/

Important: COLD IPC is subject to Swiss export control.

According to the export control policy of Safran Vectronix AG, no kind of war material (as defined in the War Material Act) is sold to civil customers or private individuals.