Capture and Streaming Device

With the MAX360, recording and streaming becomes easy without the need for additional software (browser based application, IE9 or higher).



+ Recording and /or streaming of Audio


Status LEDs (with slider)

+ With only two LEDs the current status of the device can be displayed


One Port for All (19-pin)

+ MAX360 comes with one port for USB and Ehernet, allowing the user to choose according to




+ Standard JPEG/MPEG

+ Easy post-processing 


Tool Free Mounting

+ Mushroomhead Velcro allows easy and reliable fixation

   (e.g. commercial camera, JIM LR/LRTV)

+ MAX360 can be mounted to a host system (e.g. JIM LR/LRTV)


Life-Line (5-pin)

+ MAX360 can be powered by the JIM LR/LRTV 

   (backup batteries 2xCR123 optional)

+ Remote control via the built-in web interface is enabled in combination

   with the JIM LR/LRTV

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